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A warm welcome to the Haven of Rest. Here you’ll find inspiration + resources for natural homemaking—tips on natural living, gardening, motherhood, and ancient grain recipes.

Get inspired to live a naturally simple life & make your home a peaceful place.

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About Tahnee

Welcome to the Haven of Rest!

As a mother of five and 10+ years of homemaking experience, I want to encourage you in your role as a homemaker.

Join me as we learn more about managing our homes naturally. I’ll share helpful gardening tips and provide food for thought to inspire moms.

Come with me on my ancient grain baking journey and discover my favorite sourdough and ancient grains recipes. Not only do they taste amazing, but they also have numerous health benefits.

Our family of seven strives for a naturally simple life, and we’d like to introduce ourselves.

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Learn how to bake with sourdough & ancient grains. Easy to follow recipes for making healthy breads & more.
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Enjoy a fulfilling, simple life. Living with natural resources, handmade & crafts.
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Find encouragement for the short years. Build your home & enjoy your family.
Motherhood and simple living ideas

Homemaking blog

It’s my joy & desire you encourage you in your role as a homemaker. Learning homemaking skills like meal planning, making a daily schedule, homemaking routines, and so on. Together, taking care of our homes and making our houses into havens of rest, a shelter from this tumultuous world. As a full-time stay-at-home mom of five, I’m building a community connecting the older women and young women to serve their own husbands and family members. Encouraging them to spend time in the word of God, learn new homemaking skills, and enjoy family life together.
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