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The homemaker joyfully creates a safe place, a haven of rest, regardless of outward circumstances. A place to which any (loved) one can always come. Be it for a cup of tea, encouragement or advice. Even if that haven is not always as neat and tidy as its keeper would like to see it, it’s still a place others love to return to. The value of her works can’t be measured in monetary value, but are of eternal value.

Eager to learn, as life’s seasons allow, the homemaker chooses the simple things. Skills that will last a lifetime, and beyond. They instill character and practical skills that can be passed on. While days are busy and to-do lists may seem endless. Enjoy life by choosing a simple lifestyle. Intentionally making the home a haven of rest for your loved ones and all others who may cross your life’s path.

Learn alongside as I share about gardening, simple living & motherhood.

Simple lifestyle
Freshly scored sourdough bread with a wheat scoring pattern and a tulip in the middle


Simple living


Motherhood and simple living ideas
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