August 31, 2023

Creating Routines in the Home: Building Harmony and Structure for Your Family

In the bustling rhythm of modern life, finding a sense of order and structure can be a challenge. There’s so much that needs to be done. Or, rather, what we feel needs to be done.

Creating routines in the home can be incredibly beneficial. A household where everyone knows what to expect and when will create a peaceful place.

A new routine doesn’t have to be a far-off dream, but an attainable reality. Routines bring predictability, connection, and well-being to your household.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of learning a consistent routine within your home. Each aspect contributes to a well-organized and peaceful haven, from bedtime rituals to collaborative family meetings. Read on as we explore how routines bring structure and foster a sense of togetherness and calm in your home.

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Bedtime Routine: Setting the Stage for Restful Nights

Especially with little children, a consistent bedtime routine can really help to calm down your little ones. Adequate sleep is super important for everyone’s health and well-being. For young children, it’s important to learn them what’s expected from them. A visual schedule can be very helpful for those who can’t read yet. You can easily create a schedule and use pictures to show them what needs to be done before going to bed. A regular routine like brushing your teeth, washing your feet, going to the bathroom, etc. easily becomes a healthy habit. (Psst… I’ve got a free resource for you at the end of this post)

Having an orderly place to come to rest can contribute to a healthy bedtime routine as well. After all, who wants to rest in a chaotic place? Setting specific times each day to pick up some clutter can be very helpful in maintaining an orderly bedroom. Older and younger children can do this themselves as long as they know what’s expected of them.

Choosing the right activities before going to bed can be very helpful in falling asleep quickly. A good routine helps you to wind down. A stressful situation or lack of structure after a long day makes it harder for the body to come to rest. However, a predictable routine tells your body: “It’s time to come to rest”. After a while, the body knows this stable routine and recognizes this time of needed rest.

Also, choosing soothing activities like reading a book, writing, taking a daily walk, and limiting screen time can help you get to sleep faster. Limiting screen time at the end of the day, right before bed, helps to unwind.

For younger children try incorporating storytelling before they go to bed. Furthermore, reading time for both younger and older children is a great way to wind down after a busy day. Let them choose a book or two and give them each their own reading lights. After the big bedroom light is turned off, each child can read their own books. It gives them a sense of control, and quiet time, which is a good thing before going to sleep.

A set time and a predictable routine for each person in the family yields a structured environment for each to thrive. A regular sleep schedule makes sure each one gets adequate sleep and is ready for the next day. Of course, younger children can go to bed at different times than their older siblings.

You can make bedtime enjoyable for younger kids and adults by choosing a good book to read for the whole family to enjoy. This prevents power struggles and is a great way for the entire family to slow down at the end of the day. Moreover, spending time together at the end of the day gives each one a sense of belonging and a sense of safety because each one is willing to spend time together.

So, a bedtime routine can bring much structure into the home after a busy day. It ensures adequate sleep and makes you able to tackle daily life energized.

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Family Routines, Strenghtening Bonds and Enhancing Predictability

Creating family routines together makes life easier because everyone knows what’s expected of them leaving more time for the important things. Creating a morning schedule ensures a good start to the day that will benefit you all day long.

When everyone is involved, it’s easy to form healthy habits, and creating a daily schedule becomes much easier when everyone’s on board.

The easiest way to start this is by jotting down household chores and dividing them amongst your family members. You can do this every day, or create a rotating schedule for the week or month.

Visual clues are helpful for the younger kids. For them, knowing there’s a daily schedule for chores gives them a sense of predictability. This also leaves enough free time for fun activities.

Plus, having these routines helps us balance our own needs with those of the family. It’s amazing how much it can bring us all together! Home becomes a place of comfort and security, and we get to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Consistency is Key: Maintaining a Regular Routine

In the world of family dynamics, sticking to regular routines matters. It’s not just about doing the same things over and over – it’s about creating a sense of safety and strength for everyone. It’s way easier to stay on top of things like laundry when you tackle a few things daily.

When routines stay the same, life becomes more predictable. This predictability helps lower stress because everyone knows what’s coming next. It’s like having a roadmap for the day. It makes family life so much more enjoyable.

Also, following routines makes us feel capable. When we do things consistently, it boosts our confidence and makes us feel like we’re achieving something important. This will also leave enough time to learn new skills since there’s a place for everything.

So, routines can give us a steady foundation, so we can face each day with a solid plan and a confident attitude.

Creating New Routines: Adapting to Change with Grace

Life’s never standing still, and for most of us doesn’t give us much of a break. Especially in times of change, it comes in really handy to have an established routine.

The arrival of a new baby can really shake your family’s daily lives. After all the new family addition is not at all used to any routine whatsoever. For all of those life-changing seasons: handle them with grace. It’s OK if things get a little out of the daily routine for a while. When routines are established, it’s easier to pick them up again when life gets a little easier.

Major life changes like moving, pregnancy or loss, call for flexibility. Don’t try to frantically hold on to your routine, you will burn yourself out. Try to stick to the basic routines and if something doesn’t get done this day, it will the next, or the day after, or the week after… That’s OK too.

Try to incorporate a self-care routine so that you can catch your breath. This can be as little as getting up before everyone else does, making yourself a cup of tea and reading your Bible before the day takes off. When you feel overwhelmed by change, stop for a moment and start again with the bascis, building your adapted routine from the start.

During one of my pregnancies, even the bare minimum was hard. But take little steps like sweeping the floor, and wiping the kitchen counter. Set the timer to five minutes and do a quick de-clutter. Perhaps an older sibling can help the younger kids. Make these little “chores” part of the routine, Or, in hard times let them be the routine. Take these hard times and seasons of change and use them for the better. Let them cultivate patience and gentleness in you. Allowing personal growth will make you a better homemaker.

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Visualizing the Day: Using Visual Schedules

I addressed this briefly before, for younger children, those still in the elementary school age, it can be a bit more challenging to establish a routine. Giving them a visual schedule makes it much easier.

I have a FREE bedtime routine card for your little ones at the end of this post… So, be sure to read all the way to the end.

You can give the child visual support by creating printable routine cards yourseld or by making a poster board for his mourning routine. You can have a card for nap time, bath time, storytime, and meal times. This brings structure to the child’s day because he knows each set part of the daily routine and what to expect at a certain time of the day.

The easiest way to introduce this, is by starting with simple routines like either the bedtime or morning routine. Once those are established you can start making weekly routines. Be sure to include the things that need to be done like brushing teeth, putting away clothes, homework time, but also fun activities like free play.

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With the start of each school year, routines become our compass, guiding us through daily life. They help us manage time, weave structure into children’s lives, and bring purpose to our days.

From the first thing in the morning to bedtime stories, routines mark the rhythm of our days. They’re our partners in time management, ensuring that even amidst the busiest of schedules, we find moments to connect with loved ones and purposely fill our days.

Embracing routines doesn’t mean monotony; it’s about adapting in different ways. Whether it’s adjusting to a new activity, navigating the chaos of a weekday or the calmness on a Saturday morning, or fitting in physical activity in daily life, routines can be our steadfast companions.

In family meetings, around the dinner table, or during special events, routines foster bonds and structure. They offer comfort during big changes, support mental health, and allow us to take better care of ourselves and thus of our precious homes and families.

So, as we step into a new year or reflect on the last, let’s remember that routines aren’t just an abstract concept or a repetition of the same things as yesterday. They’re an integral, important part of our lives, grounding us and offering a sense of rhythm even in the midst of life.

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  1. Rebekah September 1, 2023 at 6:10 pm - Reply

    Routines are so important for anyone and everyone. All ages! Thank you for this post and for giving some great extra tips to include in our routine. I agree that routines seem to decrease stress all around and there’s less toddler meltdowns because “it’s not time for x” or “it’s not the day for x”.

    • Tahnee September 1, 2023 at 9:52 pm - Reply

      Thanks Rebekah, I agree! Knowing what’s coming next is just really helpful for everyone.

  2. Kimberlee August 31, 2023 at 7:14 pm - Reply

    Very timely as everyone goes back to school but I like that you also added at a time of loss. This helps me so much right now as I lost my job a while back. I’ve had several people tell me that maybe not finding a job yet is so I can rest and do some self care. Thanks for the reminder. I try to workout, read my bible and meditate daily.

    • Tahnee August 31, 2023 at 7:25 pm - Reply

      Sorry to hear Kimberlee. Sometimes it’s good to step out of the routine for a while and catch your breath. I think you’re doing really good in trying to work out and read your Bible daily, that’s a great start!

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